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TSM Origins

An Open Letter From Your Sound Department by John Coffey et. al.

How the Open Letter started out by Edward Grabczewski

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LIFF Presents: Location Sound with The Sound Manifesto for LIFF 2010

Talking about Sound and The Sound Manifesto for LIFF 2010

Interview on Post-Production Audio for SFX Source

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Certain Topics in Telegraph Transmission Theory by Nyquist (1928)

Transmission Capacity of Cables by Kotelnikov (1933)

Communication in the Presence of Noise by Shannon (1949)

Sampling - 50 Years After Shannon by Unser (2000)

Sampling Theory by Dan Lavry (2004)

Impedance Matching by Jaytar

Sound Design

Designing for Sound by Randy Thom

Sound Recording

Production Sound Essentials by Robert Allen

Seven Quick Steps to Great Field Audio by Sound Devices

The Sound Production Handbook by Don Atkinson

Location Sound by Dan Brockett

Choosing the Right Microphone by Dan Brockett

Which Lavalier Should I Use? by Dan Brockett

Selecting Mic Preamps by Dennis Bohn

Digital Recording by Bob Katz

The Soundcraft Guide to Mixing

Time Code and the High Definition Camera by Charles Parra

Timecode article

Programme Delivery by BBC Radio

Microphone Techniques by WikiRecording

Microphone University by DPA

Stereo Recording by DPA

Radio Microphones by Jeff Peters

Audio Transducers by Leeds University

Music Playback by IATSE

The Coffey Audio Files by John Coffey

Standards and Patents

International Standard audio levels

US EU Free Patents


Community Radio by N Ramakrishnan


Hiding a Lav Mic by Videomaker.com

Boom Operator Clip 1 Clip 2 Long take by Damasco Hernandez

Video Articles by Videomaker.com

Equipment Reviews

SignVideo ENG-44 Review Calibration field mixer

Internet Groups

RAMPS - Internet newsgroup

sound-article-list - Yahoo! group


IBS - guild of broadcast sound technicians in the UK

AMPS - guild of motion picture sound technicians in the UK

CAS - guild of sound technicians in the US

BECTU - trade union in the UK

PACT - trade union in the UK

IATSE - trade union in the US

BKSTS -the British Kinematograph Sound & Television Society

SOS - The School of Sound

Movie Web Sites

KickStarter - Movie Funding on the Web for Independent Filmmakers

Dynamo - Movie Streaming on the Web for Independent Filmmakers

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