Director of Audiography


"Years ago we had an individual that followed the sound from the initial budgeting and scheduling, through the final 2-track print master and M&E delivery inventory. This individual was known as the sound director, who was, in a word, the QC (quality control) gatekeeper to the film's audio experience.

We have lost this position. More is the pity. In an age of filmmaking where mismatching technologies have mushroomed out of control - when coordinating an audio track has literally become a global challenge and responsibility - we need the return of the sound director. This is not the post-production coordinator, like some people think. This is a management overseer, richly trained in the audio arts and with experience hash-marks up both arms. Wise will be the producer who writes this position in as a budget line item."

"Practial Art of Motion Picture Sound" by David Lewis Yewdall, M.P.S.E.


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