CLUSTER - short film


26 - 27 Oct 2007



Louise Radinger Producer

Louise Radinger Director

? Writer



No details



Charlie Meyer Director of Photography

Edward Grabczewski Sound Mixer/Boom Operator

Rafal Flejter Sound Mixer/Boom Operator

Yang Xu Sound Mixer/Boom Operator



A short film about some teenagers who haunt a post-apocalyptic London

Sound acquired using Sennheiser 416 and 816 microphones recorded on a Tascam HD-P2 recorder. Picture shot with a Sony Z1 camcorder.

The Sound Manifesto was invited to record the movie a few days before before principal photography. The internal and external recording locations were near Islington -including an early morning shoot at the Arsenal football stadium. We found using our car as a recording studio helped with some location dialogue wildtracks.

The main sound recording problems were caused by constant traffic noise, aircraft noise, building works, air conditioning fans, power generators, a broken water pipe, camera noise and noise caused by people. A location scout with the Sound Department would have been advisable.